Looking for a catering spread that’s sure to blow guests away at your next event? Holston’s Catering has you covered! Through our years of providing incredible food and service at events of all shapes, sizes and occasions, we’ve developed some delectable spreads that hit the spot every time. Our range of catering spreads on the Holston’s menu means there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here are 5 kinds of catering spreads on the Holston’s menu:

1. Prime Rib Custom Catering

holston's prime ribA special occasion calls for a prime spread. Our Prime Rib Custom Catering Package includes slow-cooked, savory prime rib sure to delight your guests with its mouth-watering flavors! These choice cuts are served alongside potatoes au gratin and sauteed green beans with a marvelous Mornay sauce. Add on a fresh salad, some home-cooked sides and delicious desserts for a meal you can’t beat. Additional custom catering meat options include chicken breasts, pork loin, beef pot roast, grilled salmon and meatloaf.

2. Southern BBQ

No other area does BBQ quite like the Smoky Mountains! Serve a true taste of the Smokies at your special event with our Southern BBQ. Savor the sweet and tangy tongue tantalizing flavors of pulled pork, chicken or baby back ribs! This catering package on the Holston’s menu is served with some of your favorite classic BBQ sides like baked beans, coleslaw and potato salad for a Southern feast unlike any other. Add-on entree options include smoked brisket, smoked chicken wings, BBQ chicken breasts and BBQ shrimp skewers.

3. Mexican Fiesta

mexican fiesta from Holston's CateringEveryone loves a fiesta! Turn your event into a true celebration with our Mexican Fiesta! South of the border spices and flavors arrive in the Smokies as part of a spread that everyone can get behind. Fabulous fajitas, tasty tacos, temptatious tamales, freshly made guacamole and much more are lined up as part of an unforgettable fiesta bar. Fresh corn tortilla chips and salsa and all your favorite toppings make it easy for guests to make their meal exactly how they want it.

4. Breakfast Buffet

The most important meal of the day should be treated as such. Our Breakfast Buffet is full of all your morning favorites that get the day started off right! A biscuit bar includes scratch made buttermilk biscuits, all the jams and butter you need, along with eggs, bacon and sausage. The pancake breakfast option features thick pancakes, warm maple syrup, butter and jams served with eggs, bacon and sausage links. The sampler breakfast is a combination of both, served with hashbrowns, grits and candied apples.

5. Build Your Own Lunch

holston's potato saladA whole host of tasty options await when you Build Your Own Lunch! Make your own sandwiches with options like chicken salad, shaved ham, smoked turkey and pimento cheese served between your choice of bread that includes options like sourdough, croissant, wheatberry and flour tortilla wraps. Served with sides like potato salad, pasta salad, homemade chips, salad, fruit and veggies, you’ll refuel with plenty of flavor come midday. Don’t forget the dessert to finish things off with a bang!

Choose one of these dynamite catering spreads from the Holston’s menu for your next event in the Smoky Mountains! From weddings to family reunions and everything in between, Holston’s Catering is the right choice for any special occasion!